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I look at the stats and it's seem like I just reached 10k views and 1k watchers
what the heck/hell/fuck, am I to believe that 10k people have visited this page? that's a lovely set of numbers too.

As I advanced further in life I've come to realize that I never known a fucken thing ever, even though I used to think that I know what's going on, that's not true at all. I can't stop embarrassing myself whenever I talk and expects too much out of people. It’s terrifying how people can change their minds so quickly but what can I say, I'm one of those people too. When I love you I really do but when it's comes to hatred I never forgive and that's just awful.
also studying English is hard
In conclusion of what I'm trying to say is I'm stupid and selfish but I'm glad you're here

art tumblr
nintendo tumblr
In Memory of Mortland
the COMET Radio Audio Archive
I was thinking about opening a Patreon.
In fact, I've been working on it for some time along with the In Memory of Mortland site
Even though college can be really rough at times, I still have so many things planned that I wanted to complete. I believe that it's all about time management
and that I can do anything as long as I can handle my schedule. What I'm trying to say is I'm dead serious(If i'm not I'll be dead a long time ago lmaoo)

I was planned to start posting more when I finished preparing everything but seems like I couldn't finish it all this month,
So I'm just here to start posting art I've been doing right now, and when it all finished I'll get back to you for more details.
basically it's all about fuckloads of exclusive content and some tutorials, In which it's basically shows how I fuck everything up and what I do to un-fuck it from sketches to effects. 

    You may noticed that all comments are disabled, I hope that is okay. If you need to contact me please send me a note or e-mail me at

nintendo tumblr
In Memory Of Mortland
The COMET Radio Audio Archive
  !!From now on this journal will be the place to find all my commission info & progress tracker.
This will be updated as I have more types of commission I could offer. (o:
By commissioning me, You agree that they are for personal use only and you're allowed to share the finished works as long as credits is given.

** My PayPal doesn't accept American Express card for some reasons, sorry for the inconvenience in advance! 

Thank you for all your support♡ ♥


(Update: Jan 07 17)
(Update: Dec 08 16) <<added type {2}commission!

-OPEN- commission 
    {1} monochrome stylized character :  (CLOSED)Commission: type{1} by phthalovs      17 usd (2 for 30 usd)
  {2} monochrome tiny animated : (CLOSED) Animated comm: type{2} by phthalovs  12 usd


-CLOSED- commission

Info for each commission is written on the top of the deviation. However, if you have other specific stuff you want based on what’s in my blog/ gallery, 
You can ask about that too Because right now it’s like I’m opening commissions but I don’t have all proper info sheet yet. 
So if you interested in something else please talk to me (o:

I usually can get the works done in few days

please send me a note or send me an e-mail at if interested!
If I didn't respond within 24 hr please send it again, DA might have ate it :'o( 

Progress tracker/To do list

(Update: Jan 09 17)

  (1.) for clownth { 4 -monochrome stylized character/all paid}
  /1) finished  /2) finished  /3) finished  /4) finished

  (2.) for meme12345bunny on tumblr : { 1 -tiny animated of an Oc Ares/all paid}  /1) finished

  (3.) for Omen-Classic  { 1 -tiny animated of an Oc Jonesy/all paid}  /1) finished

  (4.) for IWSTW { 1 -tiny animated of an Oc Miles/all paid} /1) finished
  (5.) for meme12345bunny on tumblr : { 2 -tiny animated/all paid}  /1)finished  /2)finished
  (6.) for pittooz  { 1 -tiny animated of an Oc Snowdrop/all paid}  /1)finished